Medical Fingertip Pulse Oximeter LK-87 FDA Registered

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  • FDA Registered (3016840181), perfect for spot checks for patients due to it's bidirectional feature and rapid measurement.
  • Ease of Use- Simple to use with a fast, accurate measurement. Feel comfort in the fact that you can check your SpO2 reading with ease.
  • Great for Athletes, Pilots, or anyone else who wants to accurately take their pulse and oxygen level
  • Silicone surface ensures that is easy to sanitize and that is is comfortable to use.
  • Part of the Masks305 series of products that are hand selected for your wellbeing and safety. If you have any issues at any point with our product be it technical, safety, or simply need instructions we are happy to help and offer our expertise. At Masks305 you can be confident that you will have on demand US Based customer service.

High quality oximeter used for patient spot checks. This Oximeter reads in both directions with simply the touch of a button. It uses two AAA batteries (not included). Incredibly simple to use simple turn on and leave on the patient's finger for at least 10 seconds with the most accurate measurement after one minute. It has two modes, one for self use where the numbers appear toward the user and second mode if an HCP is utilizing it wherein the numbers appear in the direction of the secondary person. How an oximeter functions: The oximeter has two lights diodes one red and one infrared which flash and visible to a photo diode on the other side. The photo diode analyzes this light to read the amount of oxygen in your hemoglobin. This is a simple yet remarkable piece of technology!